Death of Friendship

Shimmering glow of vivid sky
Donned the everlasting amity.
In haste, rainbow unfolded its colors
To pursue a hope for eternity.
Yet, its ends began to banish,
Seemed dreams losing reality.
Blackened night merely marred life;
And death connived at a past.
Died and buried with pain,
Less hope, struggle ended.
Ever-soaring wings resolved in pity.
In a sad, damp cold plight we ended.

Faked by Will

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Was in the doldrums by ardent guilt,
Severed by mind, will, the gloom,
Deceived not by charlatan dogma,
Courage stifled the hapless bucolic,
Only abysmal benightment deepened their sorrow,
Reckoned dogsbodies despised through arrogance,
Dulcet bells, maimed in silence,
Joie de vivre perturbed profoundly on the brink of prime;
Whisper of emaciated justice wandered, fear curtailed its span yet.
The spirit lost in supreme nowhere.
Darkness shrouded the mirror of truth.
To lie would construe nil of sanity, to be blind.
To be candid would evoke dullness and conscience.
Conscience, conscience, would scribble pertinacious statute.

Loving Day for Two

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Celebrated through destiny,
Roses of vermillion, saffron, alabaster bloomed.
A paradise shaded by erudite hands,
Clouds rolled in perfect say,
Covering the delicate, jocund sun
Casting a shadow so pure,

Life bribed a perfect circle
For the two's trip to odyssey.
Stars, no way not.
The cradled field brightened,
Seemed sparkles at night's sky.
Sophisticated flame cherished,
This earth would endure a joy.

I am a Wizard in Varleim

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The commonplace is Varleim,
Where wizards and hags abound;
I am a wizard destined
To live in Varleim in a forlorn castle there.

Ordinary earthly beings are forsaken,
Never brave their hearts in entering Varleim
For the supernatural will they be greeted?
And lose their senses and die.

But humans with powers uncertain,
In this kind of place be permitted,
For the craft among my fellas
Allow him to be enslaved and later be one.

Varleim looks quite eerie;
Creations and sky as thou can say
Are evil, mutated, disgusted.
Thou see nothing but black and night.

The way to my castle, take a wooden drawbridge
Over a boiling magma from a volcano, Erebus the Mighty;
Thou trot, it creaks, sweat cools down thy body;
Steam bursts in a sudden, don't panic thou will fall be cooked.

Step on its soil, be prudent.
Underneath it is soft and heating water;
If thou are heavy and weighted,
It drowns and plunges thou, be buried, breathing is not easy.

Cacicti animus is the species
Of the thorny plants surrounding my castle;
Cactus is thy word,
They're all similar, though ours is black and moves obviously.

It's hard on thy part perambulating,
It kills thou in no time;
Recklessness causes thy fate,
On my soil death brings thou to the unknown.

Finally, if thou reap luck,
On thy very eyes ascends my castle towering;
Fear braces thy shoulders and tremble.
Thou are needing to go back, but the bridge has been drawn and the risk be taken back.

All black compared to charcoal except the sole light up.
It's my lamp in the laboratory,
Where I experiment to formulate the spells
Used to draw away the foes.

Beings wanting to explore high upward,
Dare throw dreams into ashes,
For it costs life
Upon breaking the rules I have declared.

I have an assistant,
He's a chimaera in thy world.
But in Varleim, he's but common;
For many years in this castle we live.

Sariba is his name,
Half-dog, half-horse,
With built of a mare and head that of a dog,
Together we cast spells.

Thy mind concludes am trash evil;
My castle turns thou to a distant light,
With the black, cacicti animus, a monster;
Nonetheless, Varleim speaks, "It's the rose among the thorns."

I am a wizard sophisticated,
Separated from the good for am good;
Assigned to do witchcraft in Varleim, the dark,
Tasked to defend the good against the surrounding powers of darkness
Am about to win!

(a poem inspired by HARRY POTTER)

Mama Sang the Lullaby

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The empty space resided in my unknowing mind.
But a smile left a trace of joy in my face
that would banish the hardships from
the day of toil to end.
Who caused that so? My Mama.

Mama sang her favorite lullaby,
which used to be Grandma's.
The night willfully accompanied her with
the power of chant; in my crib, I swallowed
my dream deep down to a somnolent path.

Mama sings the lullaby.
Hoping jealousy not be borne,
I escape and hide behind the walls.
"Mama, could you sing that to me?"
And tears begin to fall as
my juvenile brother sleeps so tight.


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In a remote earth, I blinded my eyes.
On a distant narrow, black shore, I dreamed of nil.
In the day, I saw none but doom.
On a vast field, in solitude I stood.
In a deserted chamber, I cried 'til I fell.
On the river, I hoped be drowned.
In the wilderness, wanderer I was.
On Everest's apex, I gasped out of hunger.
In a blackhole, I plunged to hell.
In the shadows, I trembled.
In the mist, I chilled.
In sickness, I lay flat on dry-matted foliage.
On my death, I live back.

The Love Unspoken

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A ray of light flashes on my face.
Your presence secures a dazzling gaze.
Adorned by the sweet scent of perfume,
Comely you may seem.

But solitude and sorrow reign
Fear consorts with doubt.
Caged in the struggle of silence
The most artless love of a lad
Reticent lest knowledge would cast desperation,
Beyond guilt as yet unspoken.

Something's Changed When You Told Me This

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I never thought you have this feeling
That hearts only are dealing;
It's only you I know a friend
Whom I can share with and depend on;
Yet, I can't resist the words you told,
They rang my ear somewhat like a bell;
Something's really changed when you told me this,
And that's what I wonder, is this a heart's tease?

The Rule of Chastity

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If one deserves love,
he frees and unsolicits hate.
If one deserves hate,
love does he not know.

If one deserves respect,
his sobriety despises arrogance.
If one deserves disbelief,
people see him with no reputation.

If one deserves trust,
he is an admirer of fidelity.
If one deserves betrayal,
marred is the value of relationship.

If one deserves praise,
his talents does he not overlook.
If one deserves criticism,
it justifies mediocrity or vulgarity.

If one deserves you,
he greatly needs your love.
If one deserves help,
it is now you have to extend.

I Loved You

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I loved you oh as eyes were stars;
I loved you oh as lips were blood-shown;
I loved you oh as skin was a full-bloomed sampaguita;
I loved you as hair was black as night would come;
And your eyes hypnotized me in illusion;
Notwithstanding, I realized this was love at first sight,
So uncomfortable at the start yet gradually disappeared.


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Cast a spell to death certain.
From below life survives revival.
A shadow of the past would turn to soul.
Pained profoundly yet in tales and illusion.


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Close your eyes and hear silence,
As if the world has shut herself.
Detest, be upset, lock the door.
Time seems to cease in solitude.
No one deserves one in sobriety,
For logic and sense have the answers.


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The sad revolves around life
where the unhappy glooms.
Shadows cast a hurtful soul,
spirited through a mere revolution.

The sky resembles a cover
of blackness, lifelessness.
The owl feels and screams
of often haunting noise.
Fear embraces fear.

The forest seems a nearing threat,
a dagger to the back.
Blood curdles in the midst,
left cold, dying, adieu.


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Time won't tell when you'll know
The feeling touched by Cupid's arrow and bow;
Deep inside in comfort you lie,
This feeling I swear won't die.

If you only knew,
Without you I'm in blue;
So please give me time,
To express this feeling of mine.

Schizophrenia (by my sister Katherine Flordelis)

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A nightmare of deemed reality haunts,
That's delving in my peeked senses
Burdened, I tried to intrude the cycle
Even scared of losing strength
Dry and shallow I know this is
To escape, fight, and hope
But still as wintry cold water
At night it reigns a noisy holler.

Reputing God why sodden am I with this,
Battling against the chains of claimed fears?
Felt desolated, broken, an angered soul
Temptations of death inspired the choke
Grieved through years of wave regrets
Felt like drowned with rude secrets
When will this life end the pain?
For this jaded soul, with tears never sane.

I refuse the agony from threshold to under,
It's getting worse and a sore.
Damned with life besieged by the ugly,
Indeed a scar that leads me to the fury.


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Cada corriente de color del viento
Ileso a lo largo del camino
Semillas de vida situadas seguras
Por la mañana, voluntad de gloria
Ruido desarrollado de espiritu lleno de sentimiento
Para volar alguna vez tan alto

- Spanish translation of my poem "Free" by my Spanish friend Montserrat Punyet Soriano


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Everflowing color of the wind
Unscathed along the path,
Seeds of life placed certain
By morning glory's will.
Sounds unwind the soulful spirit
To fly ever so high.


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So sad the world has turned;
Life compares the blessed and the deprived,
The struggler and the fortunate,
The victor and the loser.

A hope of bliss steadfastly perturbed;
Nowhere to turn,
No backs to lean on.
Only I see the mirror
That bares this soul.

The Grave Of Mister

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Cold as the peaks of the haunted is the grave where he rested and paid.
Mister Owl excruciatingly resigns in mystery for reasons untold.
No call for the twilight now, no dulcet song has ever survived,
And silence deafens the weak of heart.

The trees hide, as if guilty of crimes the logical brains cannot construe.
Belief of disgust climbs in the air of foul gentle winds.
His hollow face stares blankly as it pierces my eyes.
Nowhere to hide at the second instant, only stand supposedly undaunted.

His spirit is free, yes, liberated from human chains.
Justice has yet proven its worth and dignity does it bear.
His hell awaits his sodden soul, and do I deserve a laugh after all?

The Crisis

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Trapped in space, so the eagle cries.
Afeard of death for uncertainty entails.
Drop the bombs, in dilemma I speak;
No way, nowhere, nothing, nil.
The sight is black and darkness heightens;
Escape so blurred, light drowned in abyss.
Now, hapless I become.

The Poet

Wintry nights scare tragedies of bliss.
Dramatic pause of resignation arrives in solitude,
Nevertheless surprises grave at its peak.