I am a Wizard in Varleim

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The commonplace is Varleim,
Where wizards and hags abound;
I am a wizard destined
To live in Varleim in a forlorn castle there.

Ordinary earthly beings are forsaken,
Never brave their hearts in entering Varleim
For the supernatural will they be greeted?
And lose their senses and die.

But humans with powers uncertain,
In this kind of place be permitted,
For the craft among my fellas
Allow him to be enslaved and later be one.

Varleim looks quite eerie;
Creations and sky as thou can say
Are evil, mutated, disgusted.
Thou see nothing but black and night.

The way to my castle, take a wooden drawbridge
Over a boiling magma from a volcano, Erebus the Mighty;
Thou trot, it creaks, sweat cools down thy body;
Steam bursts in a sudden, don't panic thou will fall be cooked.

Step on its soil, be prudent.
Underneath it is soft and heating water;
If thou are heavy and weighted,
It drowns and plunges thou, be buried, breathing is not easy.

Cacicti animus is the species
Of the thorny plants surrounding my castle;
Cactus is thy word,
They're all similar, though ours is black and moves obviously.

It's hard on thy part perambulating,
It kills thou in no time;
Recklessness causes thy fate,
On my soil death brings thou to the unknown.

Finally, if thou reap luck,
On thy very eyes ascends my castle towering;
Fear braces thy shoulders and tremble.
Thou are needing to go back, but the bridge has been drawn and the risk be taken back.

All black compared to charcoal except the sole light up.
It's my lamp in the laboratory,
Where I experiment to formulate the spells
Used to draw away the foes.

Beings wanting to explore high upward,
Dare throw dreams into ashes,
For it costs life
Upon breaking the rules I have declared.

I have an assistant,
He's a chimaera in thy world.
But in Varleim, he's but common;
For many years in this castle we live.

Sariba is his name,
Half-dog, half-horse,
With built of a mare and head that of a dog,
Together we cast spells.

Thy mind concludes am trash evil;
My castle turns thou to a distant light,
With the black, cacicti animus, a monster;
Nonetheless, Varleim speaks, "It's the rose among the thorns."

I am a wizard sophisticated,
Separated from the good for am good;
Assigned to do witchcraft in Varleim, the dark,
Tasked to defend the good against the surrounding powers of darkness
Am about to win!

(a poem inspired by HARRY POTTER)


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