Faked by Will

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Was in the doldrums by ardent guilt,
Severed by mind, will, the gloom,
Deceived not by charlatan dogma,
Courage stifled the hapless bucolic,
Only abysmal benightment deepened their sorrow,
Reckoned dogsbodies despised through arrogance,
Dulcet bells, maimed in silence,
Joie de vivre perturbed profoundly on the brink of prime;
Whisper of emaciated justice wandered, fear curtailed its span yet.
The spirit lost in supreme nowhere.
Darkness shrouded the mirror of truth.
To lie would construe nil of sanity, to be blind.
To be candid would evoke dullness and conscience.
Conscience, conscience, would scribble pertinacious statute.


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