Schizophrenia (by my sister Katherine Flordelis)

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A nightmare of deemed reality haunts,
That's delving in my peeked senses
Burdened, I tried to intrude the cycle
Even scared of losing strength
Dry and shallow I know this is
To escape, fight, and hope
But still as wintry cold water
At night it reigns a noisy holler.

Reputing God why sodden am I with this,
Battling against the chains of claimed fears?
Felt desolated, broken, an angered soul
Temptations of death inspired the choke
Grieved through years of wave regrets
Felt like drowned with rude secrets
When will this life end the pain?
For this jaded soul, with tears never sane.

I refuse the agony from threshold to under,
It's getting worse and a sore.
Damned with life besieged by the ugly,
Indeed a scar that leads me to the fury.


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